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Attic Bats

Why use Commercial Bat Control?

We use the most effective up-to-date methods of bat removal and exclusion. We do not use any poisons or pesticides instead we use methods invented by the Hanks family many years ago that ensure safe, effective and humane bat removal and exclusion. Bats provide a very effective and needed service of controlling the insect population in our environment. It is important that they remain a part of our environment through humane methods of bat control and prevention.

Commercial Bat Control's Bat Exclusion Process

Our process of ridding buildings free of bats really only consists of two steps which are bat removal and bat exclusion (prevention of re entry). The two step process is implemented by the procedure listed below.

Step 1:

  • We start by thoroughly inspecting your building for points of entry and exit that bats are able to use freely to go in and out of the building. These areas are sometimes very difficult to find because of their small size. Bats can fit through areas as small as a ¼ inch thick and 1 inch in length. Pretty small for just anyone to be able to find, but with our many years of experience we have become familiar with all the places to look for these entry and exit points.

  • Next, we seal off any areas that are found that are large enough for bats to fit through by sealing cracks and gaps, and screening any necessary vents and other areas. We use only quality products including 100% silicone sealants, NP1, MP40, and other weather resistant products and hardware cloth wire screening for long lasting protection.

Step 2:

Bat Exclusion
  • We then mount our "Hanks EX-100 Bat Excluders" on the exit openings. Our excluders are custom designed and built “on site” to fit the openings perfectly. The excluders act as a one way door allowing bats only to exit the building to feed at night but not to re-enter. After the excluders are installed, they are checked and re-checked to make sure they are functioning properly.

  • After inspecting every inch of the building and completing the necessary services, we provide you with a written guarantee for up to 5 years. If a bat should re-enter the work that we provided within the time of the guarantee, we will return to fix the problem at NO cost to you.

Guano Removal:

Bat Guano
  • What do you do with that smelly mess left behind by your previous visitors? Let us take care of that too! We offer optional Guano removal and cleaning services as well. Bat feces can be hazardous to your health if you breathe in the airborne spores that grow on bat feces. We use special equipment and protective gear to remove and clean the guano from the building.

The Hanks family exclusion methods come highly recommended by the Health Departments, Wildlife Rescue, Texas Parks and Wildlife , and other State offices. We were the FIRST bat exclusion company, here in Texas, to be referred by Bat Conservation International. Our HANKS family name is well known all over the country for solving all kinds of bat related problems with our family renowned bat removal and exclusion methods.

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