Bat Removal

Bat Exclusion

How It All Started

Our exclusion method was designed back in Wisconsin in 1981 by my father, Marshall Hanks ( As a small boy back then, I remember dad always getting phone calls about bat problems people were having. He then was working for a pest control company, so pest was his line of work. He knew that he had to come up with an invention to allow bats to leave an attic and not return. So off to the basement he went. Hammering, sawing, drilling and after many hours of hard work, the "Hanks EX-100" bat excluder was finished. After trying it on a few homes and making a few changes to it, he was happy to invent the first bat excluder in the USA. Back then people still used DDT poison tracking powder to kill bats. He knew that was not the right thing to do because of the value that bats do with insect control. So, I give 100% credit to my father for being the first person to help start a new way of protecting hundreds of thousands of bats worldwide through the use of the exclusion of bats. I've had people tell me that your dad is the pioneer of the bat control industry, I believe it!

Jobs To Remember

Commercial Bat Control has bat proofed hundreds of building all around the USA. Yes, there are a few that really make you scratch your head and say "How did we do that?" One that I recall is an old castle university in New Mexico. Our first step was to remove the bat guano from the large attics. There we vacuumed up over 6000 pounds of bat guano and fill 3 dump trucks full. We were up to our knees in places of that attic shoveling guano. Yes, it does get deep at times. After spending over a week doing that, we then returned to bat proof this structure. It was built in the late 1700's so there were lots of openings that needed sealing. Just to mention another large structure that we bat proofed was a 10 story parking garage down town San Antonio, Texas. There we excluded over 40,000 bats!! You say, How in the world does he do it??? Well, we are what we say, Bat Proofing Experts! We are not a construction company who does bats on the side like some. We just do BATS!

Education and Interviews

I really love taking time to educate the public about bats. I have visited many schools, board meeting, interviews, and more. I have given interviews on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, ABC, NBC, CBS news and interviewed by Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. Peter Jennings sent a crew here to do a story on my work with bats. Fugi TV from Tokyo Japan came to the states and did a special about me and my bat exclusion work. I have been on many talk radio shows and have given many seminars to the public about bats. I have been blessed with a wonderful work and I am very proud of the education work that has helped our young kids become more interested in bats.

*Remember, when looking for a bat removal company, ask for a written guarantee. Ask if that person that you are talking to is going to be the one working on your structure. today many bat companies claim to be nationwide, but they simply run the phones out of one office and sub out the work to painters and caulking contractors, not using qualified bat exclusion experts. Ask to see their method and ask for references. I have re-done many buildings that contractors have tried to bat proof and failed costing the owner of the building lots of money. Ask lots of questions drilling them on their knowledge of bats. Remember, it's your money and your trust that you put in the hands of a bat proofing specialist.